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Rani Sati Temple is a famous pilgramage center in Jhunjhunu district of Rajasthan. It is the largest temple in India devoted to Rani Sati, a Rajasthani lady who committed sati (self-immolation) on her husband's death. Jaipur Taxi Service provides you cheapest fare cab hire service and tour packages for your Rani Sati Temple tour. We provide best tourist service and travel assistance to our guests.

Everything You Should know About Rani Sati Temple

The story of Rani Sati dates back to the time of Mahabharat when she expressed her wish to marry Abhimanyu and to be Sati in her next life. Lord Krishna granted her the wish and she was born as Narayani, the daughter of Gursamal, in the Dokwa village. Meanwhile, Abhimanyu was born as Tandhan Bansal, the son of Jaliram in Hissar.

The two got married and lived happily until one day when king’s son forcefully tried to acquire Tandhan’s horse and challenged him for a fight. Tandhan was killed in the battle after which Narayani fought with king’s son and killed him to avenge the death of her husband.

After that she commanded Ranaji, the caretaker of the horse, to set her ablaze along with the dead body of her husband. Since Ranaji fulfilled her wish, she blessed him and told him that he will be remembered and worshipped along with her name.

The temple of Rani Sati Dadi is built of white marble and features magnificent, colorful wall paintings. A striking feature of the temple is that there are no idols or statues of the Gods and Goddesses. There is a portrait of Rani Sati in the Pradhan Mand and a trident depicting power and force is worshipped by the devotees.

Apart from the main temple, there are twelve smaller temples dedicated to several Gods like Lord Ganesha, Lord Shiva, and Lord Hanuman. The centre of the complex has a statue of Lord Shiva surrounded by gardens on all sides. Talking about the interiors, the temple is adorned with exquisite murals and glass mosaics narrating the history of the place.

Jaipur to Rani Sati Temple Taxi Fares

Rani Sati Temple is situated at the distance of 182 km from Jaipur city. Jaipur Taxi Service provides you best fare car rental service for your Jaipur to Rani Sati Temple tour. We provide all type of Sedan cars, SUV cars, Luxury cars, Tempo Travellers and Buses at best price in Rajasthan. All the vehicles are well maintained and provide complete comfort for your whole journey.

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