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Famous as the ‘city of textiles and looms’, Bhilwara is home to the world-renowned Ramdwara of Ramsnehi Sampraday. Bhilwara is the confluence of old tales of mythology, mores, traditions, and culture. Much like yet independent in style from the rest of Rajasthan, Bhilwara is the ideal city for travellers. Jaipur Taxi Service offers you the cheapest taxi and tour packages for your Bhilwara tour. We cover all the historic and scenic places of Bhilwara and provide the best tourist service to our guests.

06 Must Visit Places of Bhilwara
  1. Badnore Fort - Badnore Fort in Bhilwara is located on top of the hill standing seven stories tall, and one can only imagine a glimpse of the splendid panoramic view of the city that can be caught from this fort. People who possess an inclination towards history and architectural culture should definitely visit this magnificent beauty!
  2. Pur Udan Chatri - Pur Udan Chatri is about 10 kilometres from Bhilwara city. It is renowned for Udan Chatri and Adhar Sheela Mahadev, where the geographical wonder of a huge rock resting on a small one attracts tourists.
  3. Meja Dam - Meja Dam is not only the biggest dam lying in the city of Bhilwara but also the source of drinking water for the people of the city. The Damis aligned with the facility of a green mount park which further adds to the tourist attraction of the place. During monsoon season, the heavy flow of the dam is witnessed.
  4. Shahpura - Surrounded by a wall with four gates, it’s a place of pilgrimage for the followers of Ram Sanehi sect founded amongst the Hindu in 1804. The sect has a holy shrine known as Ram Dwara, The chief priest of Rama Dwara is the head of the sect. Pilgrims from all over the country visit this shrine throughout the year.
  5. Bagore Sahib - Gurudwaras across the country and even the world as not just holy symbols of the Sikh community but they are shrines of peace and belonging. Bagore Sahib Gurudawara in Bhilwara is no exception. It is located on River Kothari. Legend has it that Shri Guru Govind Singhji stayed in this gurudwara on his way to Punjab ( India).
  6. Kyara ke Balaji - Kyara Ke Balaji In Bhilwara, is a temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman and one can see hundreds of people coming in every day to seek blessings at the temple. So, if you are someone who has faith in Lord Hanuman then visiting Kyare Ke Balaji will definitely bring you peace.

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